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Mobile Mechanic Hub

Mobile Mechanic Hub is the premier mobile repair hub in your area! You can find a Local, Honest, Reputable Independent Mobile Mechanic near you with a click of a button. Life is busy and we know that getting your car fixed can be a hassle. That’s why our mobile mechanics offer convenient mobile services that come to you wherever you are. Whether you’re at home, running errands, or at work, we’ll meet you at your location to provide top-notch service. Our goal is to give our customers peace of mind and keep them on the move.

  • Specialized services, customized to your needs
  • We supply all car equipment and solutions
  • 100% environmentally friendly chemicals

Our Journey

Who we are and how we started

How did Mobile Mechanic Hub begin?

Founded by Avern Collins in 2012, The Mobile Mechanic Service emerged from his extensive expertise in automotive and equipment mechanics. Amidst a slowdown in his work as an equipment mechanic in the natural gas industry, Avern recognized an opportunity to invest in himself. What began as basic preventative maintenance services at clients’ homes soon expanded into a comprehensive range of on-site repairs.

This journey has been characterized by perseverance, with numerous challenges overcome through hard work and dedication. With the grace of providence, we have successfully operated for well over a decade. Serving primarily southeastern North Carolina, Avern’s mobile mechanic business has earned a reputable standing that extends nationwide.

Despite receiving numerous inquiries from clients beyond his service area, Avern lacked a referral network to assist them. Avern was particularly motivated to helping those unreachable clients avoid the unreliability of “fly by day, gone by night” mobile mechanics.  Determined to address this gap, Avern conceived Mobile Mechanic Hub—a platform designed to connect clients with reliable local mobile mechanics, ensuring trustworthy service regardless of location. 

Book now and save

How does it work?

1. Type in your address.

2. Select your requested service type. 

3. Select a mobile mechanic. 

4. Select a date and that works best for your schedule.

5. Provide your vehicle info, and a brief description as to what’s going on. 

6. Fill out your contact info.

7. Pay for your selected service. 

8. Experience the easiest automotive service ever. 

Things to Consider

Why chose Mobile Mechanic Hub?

Our mobile mechanics provide top notch services, at your location. We value quality over quantity every time! 

Emergency Services

If you every find yourself in a worst-case scenario with a flat tire of an unexpected failure of any of your auto elements, and you’re in a hurry to get to a meeting or get to work the next morning; the best thing you can do is reach out to have your repairs done by the BEST mobile mechanic in your community

Hassle-Free Service

Unlike other auto repair shops, The BEST Mobile Mechanic is a hassle-free service. You can’t bring your car to the shop? No problem! Save yourself time and money and let the pros come to you

No Towing

Our reliable mobile auto repair technicians will come to you wherever you are and help you avoid delays in your day. Our technicians have all the accessories needed to for major and minor repairs such as a flat tire, low battery, or engine difficulty. Enjoy the convenience of having your auto repairs done at your own home.


Traditional repair shops have overhead and incorporate these costs into their service fees. With our mobile auto repair, we don’t have these expenses, allowing us to help our customers save money on their auto repairs.

Wide Range of Service

Our services are not limited to passenger vehicles. The Best Mobile Mechanic in your community. The technicians are trained to deal with diverse types of tires, brakes, engines and other component failures efficiently.

Honest, reliable and affordable

Customer Testimonial

Don’t just take our word, say what our customer says about our services and us.

Mimi L.
Mimi L.
What a great service to have locally. My car was completely dead and Avern was at the site within an hr and had a battery installed quickly. I am so glad I called. He is friendly, polite, and most importantly knowledgeable! I am a customer for life!
Alyce-Davina Pulley
Alyce-Davina Pulley
My car would not start. Called The Mobile Mechanic, hoping and figuring it was the battery. He said he would be here within 2 hours. He actually came early. He took my keys and was done changing my battery in no time. He also ran diagnostics on my vehicle, which told us it was not the starter or the alternator and was, indeed, the battery. He was very friendly and knowledgeable and got me back on the road. 10/10 would definitely recommend and use again.
Nakia Murphy
Nakia Murphy
Very professional and answered all my questions putting me at ease a fast service
LeDarion Robinson
LeDarion Robinson
Amazing service!!!!! Highly recommended!!!
Office Admin
Office Admin
Should have called him in the first place, lesson learned. He was able to schedule for next day once I contacted him about scheduling. He was on time (early, but contacted me to make sure it was okay). I did not have to worry about him trying to upsell me or make me feel any type of way for an "easy" fix. He was very Professional and I plan on using him again in the future!
Phyllis Williams
Phyllis Williams
The customer service was awesome!!! I absolutely love my service and everything they did!! I am a happy customer for life!
Jess Kajiwara
Jess Kajiwara
Top notch service. Avern knows his craft, very professional and great pricing. My truck had no problems starting but would conk out after a few sec. He found the problem right away (mas air flow sensor). Very pleased, will be my go-to mechanic from now on.
Jayme Herder
Jayme Herder
Easy to schedule, knowledgeable, convenient service.